Client Satisfaction (CSAT)

Client satisfaction is a key performance indicator for Aztec, and throughout our business, everyone is committed to providing a consistently high level of customer service and client satisfaction. Each and every support ticket we resolve automatically sends our client a CSAT review. The platform we use is called SmileBack and the CSAT review is captured with a single mouse click on one of three images.


Keeping the review process simple means we achieve an above-average response rate. For every resolved ticket, approximately 50% will be have a SmileBack response. The industry average is closer to forty percent.

Sometimes a client isn’t satisfied or expectations aren’t met. The simple one-click review process empowers clients to feed this back to us quickly and easily.  As an ISO 9001 Quality Management company, this is vital to our success.

Automated processes immediately alert team leaders and managers to any neutral or negative reviews. These are investigated and the client is contacted to understand their issue and where applicable, rectify any mistakes.

Our commitment to clients is to achieve and maintain an average CSAT score of 95% or above. The gauges shown below are automatically updated from our CSAT platform and show our net CSAT score over a rolling 30, 90 and 180 day period.  The table shows the percentage of all review scores, including our neutral and negative reviews.

Client Comments and Reviews


Once a single-click review has been left, there is the option to leave a more detailed review with comments and optionally, consent for Aztec to use that feedback for marketing purposes. The table below shows these CSAT reviews that have granted permission to share their comments. This information is updated automatically from our CSAT platform every few hours.



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