Altaro VM Backup

Backing up your virtual servers is critical to ensure that your business and data can recover from an unexpected disaster. Server or systems failures, accidental data deletion or a cyber attack can cause data loss. Aztec uses Altaro VM Backup to protect your Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments with full machine backups and replication.

Designed for Managed Service Providers like Aztec, or stand-alone in-house IT departments, Altaro VM Backup is used by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide. Altaro provides robust, streamlined, enterprise-level functionality which is easy to use and provides fast backups and is affordable.

Altaro VM Backup uses WAN-Optimized Replication and Continuous Data Protection (CDP). This drastically reduces the length of time virtual machines are down and the amount of data lost if disaster strikes – to just minutes. Other benefits of Altaro VM backup include:

  • Concurrency – allowing multiple VM’s to be backed up at the same time, which in turn reduces the time taken for all backups to complete.
  • Compression – backup data is compressed meaning faster backups and less storage space is used.
  • Encryption – backup data is encrypted using 256-AES, this keeps backup data secure at rest and in transit to offsite locations.
  • Scheduling – flexible backup schedules to meet your business needs and operations.
  • Archiving – Store archive backups in addition to your daily backups, keep a new backup version every week, every month and every year.
  • Offsite backups – alongside your local onsite backup data, store offsite backups to secure cloud services such as Azure or AWS.
  • Granular Restore – allows restoration of individual files or emails, folders or directories, whole server drives or the full VM machine.
  • Instant Boot – boot up any VM version from the backup location for fast VM restores, meaning less downtime for you and your business
  • Multiple backup Locations – backup to USB, flash and eSata drives, network shares or NAS drives, offsite cloud services (Azure or AWS).
  • Health Monitor – proactively monitors the health of the backup storage and auto-repairs any corruptions found during the next backup.
  • Test Restore – schedule restoration of VM’s with verification.

Whether you have a single Hyper-V host, multiple Hyper-V hosts in multiple locations or clustered Hyper-V servers running multiple virtual machines, Aztec can provide you with a robust, low cost managed backup service to fully protect your vital business data and servers. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Recently released, Altaro Physical Server backup allows you to protect a physical server machine and restore the content in virtual format. You can back up physical servers running Windows Server OS to a local disk, removeable disk or network path.