Why is business continuity planning so important?

IT is critical to most businesses. It’s not an overstatement to say that with no data, you have no business – and the cost of downtime can be huge. What can you do? Build a business continuity plan.

From lost orders and revenue to reputational damage and regulatory fines, it can be incredibly difficult to stay in business after a disaster should you have no plan in place.

A disaster can occur for any number of reasons, from scenarios such as fires, floods and cyber-attacks through to more common causes like accidental damage, software failure and human error.

We can help whether your systems are physical, virtual or a mix of both. We’ll make sure critical systems are protected, threats are identified and ensure you are fully protected and available when you need them.

Protect your critical systems and data

Prevention is better than cure

Real-time data replication

Regular testing

Threat analysis

Continual improvement

Ongoing support

GDPR Requirement

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Designing and implementing a business continuity plan is key for any company, but especially important if you have a high level of dependency on your IT systems. 

Aztec can help you create a business continuity plan that will enable your business to carry on with minimal disruption to services and minimal downtime should the worst happen

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Backup & Recovery

Disaster recovery focuses fully on recovering and returning to full functionality in the event of an incident, whereas business continuity planning focuses on preserving your businesses ability to function. Having said that, there is still a clear overlap between business continuity, backup and disaster recovery.


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