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Every CEO’s nightmare is to experience data loss of vital business information. Whether that’s through data being accidentally deleted, or by experiencing a cyber-attack. Lost data can be crippling for businesses, so it’s vital that you have effective server backups and a server backup disaster recovery strategy in place. That’s where we can help as IT specialists in helping businesses with their server backups and plans.

When thinking about a backup schedule and the best backup for server, it’s important to consider the types of data backups that you need. For example, we offer two backup data solutions, Office 365 (O365) data backups and a full server backup. Want to know more? Get in touch to see how we can help.

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Cloud backup server software for O365

O365 is arguably a data storage space, with more data than ever being stored here from emails, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. As with any cloud storage solution, it’s crucial that a data backup is regularly performed for O365 data loss prevention.

Backup software: Does O365 perform automatic backups?

A common misconception is that as it’s a cloud storage space, O365 can automatically store backup files of your data. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. There are retention periods where an item or document can be recovered if it’s accidentally deleted, but this does not mean the data is being backed up. Therefore, if you’re worried about any of your O365 data being lost, it’s imperative that your business has a plan in place to backup files from O365.

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Aztec IT Support o365 data backup solutions

Backup solutions for O365

Rather than trying to figure out how to backup your O365 data yourself, you could speak to experts about helping you with your cloud backup services.

External IT providers can offer you windows server backup software to ensure your data is kept safe. For instance, at Aztec IT, we offer our clients a secure backup software solution for O365, ensuring that data is backed up automatically and happens several times daily. What’s more, our backup storage of these backups is retained for 10 years, so you can rest assured that your business’ critical data will be kept safe.

Why are full server backups important?

With the widespread use of remote server environments, having a regular and complete server backup should be crucial for your business and should form part of your business continuity planning.

Having a full server backup involves creating a copy of all of your business’ files in their entirety so that you can restore them quickly in the event of disaster recovery or emergency. The benefit of having a copy of your entire server is that your system would be able to be quickly restored without you having to start from scratch. Additionally, it also provides comprehensive protection against ransomware attacks, by allowing you to restore your system from the most recent version prior to the attack taking place.

A full server backup doesn’t have to be done every day, as having full and incremental backups of your entire system is key. The benefit of not having to do a daily full server backup is that it’s less demanding for your business and less time consuming. However, ensuring your full server backup is done correctly is imperative.

As a CEO, the last thing you want to have to do is be researching the best server backup software to help tackle your system’s full server backups. Finding a full backup server solution that does the job correctly is vital for the security of your business. Therefore, outsourcing your full server backups to an IT provider will help take this headache away.

At Aztec, we manage full server backups that are encrypted at rest and in transit to Azure cloud environments. With server backups being separated into a cloud environment, servers can be restored quickly in the cloud should the worst happen to your production servers.

Why having a server backup plan is vital for every business

As a CEO, both yours and your employees’ time is precious, and you want to ensure everyone is working as productively and effectively as possible. So, any problems with your company’s server, such as a cyber-attack or other causes of data loss, could have major financial implications on your business, not to mention the reduction of productivity amongst your team. That’s why it’s paramount that your business has a server backup plan so that your business is prepared for any disaster recovery situation.

We’ve listed three benefits of why having a server backup plan is vital for businesses:

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1. You’re less likely to experience data loss

In theory, having a full server backup means that if something goes wrong with your server, you shouldn’t experience any critical data loss. Therefore, having a server backup plan in place will ensure your business is prepared in times of disaster recovery.

Staff having downtime due to data loss

2. Your staff won’t have downtime

If you have a problem with your server, being able to access your backup and recovery of files quickly, means that your staff can get right back to work with minimal disruption. Therefore, spending the time now creating a server backup plan for your business will help minimise your staff’s downtime if the worst happens.

3. Gives you peace of mind

Having a server backup plan will help reduce your stress now and in the future, as you’ll know that you’ve taken the steps to ensure that your company’s data is being properly backed up. Consequently, this means that you will feel safe in the knowledge that your data is readily accessed in case of an emergency.

Speak to experts to help you with your server backup needs today

At Aztec, we’re IT experts. We help a range of businesses with their IT support needs, such as through our Sophos cyber security services and O365 cyber security services, as well as by helping businesses formulate a disaster recovery plan, gain a cyber essentials certification and more.

If you’re looking for IT support Chichester or in West Sussex that consists of a professional, trustworthy and friendly team of experts that can help your business get set up with a backup server plan, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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